Minimum Requirements

– Access to Internet with at least 1024 Kbps data transfer bit rate
– A mobile or desktop device with Google Android, Apple IOS or Microsoft Windows operating system and an IPTV supported-player software such as:

● ProgTV (G. Android)
● Wuffy Player (G. Android)
● GSE IPTV (A. IOS, G. Android)
● VLC (All OS)
● ProgDVB (M. Windows)

Or a smart TV set with smart IPTV application,
Or an IPTV setup box such as:
● Roku


Guide of IPTV Supported Player

1. Install and run ProgTV on your android device:

2. Select “IPTV Sources” from main menu.
3. Select “IPTV Client”, Enter IPTV URL on “Playlist” section and press “OK” button.
4. Select “Channel List” from main menu.

1. Install and run “GSE Smart IPTV” base of your device OS:
● G. Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gsetech.smartiptv
● A. IOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/gse-smart-iptv-pro/id1028734023

2. Select “Remote Playlist” from left menu
3. Press “+” yellow colored button.
4. Select “Add M3U URL”.
5. Enter a favorite name on “Playlist Name” section and IPTV URL on “Playlist Link” section.

1. Install and run “VLC” base of your device OS:

2. Select “Open Network Stream” from “Media” menu, Enter IPTV URL and press “Play” button.
3. Select added IPTV URL from right panel.