Affiliate Program

Earn 10% Cost of Each Subscription Sale!

Join CCG.IPTV affiliate program to earn 10% cost of each subscription sale. After you join the affiliate program, login your affiliate partner dashboard. An affiliate partner link is shown in your affiliate partner dashboard.

Share your affiliate partner link on your social networks profiles or your high traffic website with your audiences.

If a customer subscribes a CCG.IPTV package via your affiliate partner link, you earn minimum 10% cost of this CCG.IPTV package in your affiliate partner dashboard after maximum 24 hours.

How much can you earn?

If a customer subscribes:

  • 1 Month Subscription – You earn $1.1

  • 3 Months Subscription – You earn $2.7

  • 6 Months Subscription – You earn $5.4

  • 12 Months Subscription – You earn $8.6


Payout Methods

Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin


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